AMP 008 | Natalie Luengo

Natalia Luengo, lives in Leipzig und bringt with AMP 008 a creat club sound for the weekend!

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AMP 007 Gerald Ang

AMP 007 | Gerald Ang

With a diverse background in music, Gerald has been experimenting with different styles of techno for over a decade. With an open mind and unguided by music trends, Gerald constantly

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AMP 006 Kia

AMP 006 | Kia

Kia DJ/Producerin from Berlin. Her style is to be situated somewhere between House and Techno. To her the most important is “being danceable”!

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AMP005 Florian Schwarzkopf

AMP 005 | Florian Schwarzkopf

Florian Schwarzkopf should be a name for each. The vinyl lovers from Frankfurt, makes a good club sound, which he proves on AusdaerModus Podcast Episode 5.

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RADIOPIRAAT, Steve Gold and TAFKAS, bring the necessary Groove for summertime. Since 2010 TAFKAS and Steve Gold Play now already together as RADIOPIRAAT.

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AMP003 Doreen

AMP 003 | Doreen

This week we have a special House Set from Doreen. She is DJane and lives in Frankfurt / Germany. The last two years she plays in clubs like Dora Brilliant

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AMP002 Philipp Staab

AMP 002 | Philipp Staab

This week´s show comes from Philipp Staab. Exclusive Studio Set. Vinyl Only.   More about Philipp Staab:

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AMP001 Sven Voss

AMP 001 | Sven Voss

This week´s show comes from Sven Voss. Taken from a set that he played for the Toxic Family Party at the Tanzhaus West in Frankfurt on March 27th. More about

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AMP AusdauerModus Podcast

AMP – AusdauerModus Podcast

AMP – You can find our AusdauerModus Podcasts on Soundcloud and iTunes podcasts.

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